Does my voice really matter? Yes it does!

As a constituent (i.e., you live in an elected official’s district), you have tremendous power to make a difference. Research shows that when the congressman hasn’t decided on an  issue, you have the most power to influence them. The same study showed in-person meetings from constituents are much more influential than visits from lobbyists.

For Philadelphians, the best one-stop place to learn about our elected officials is the Committee of Seventy's online Elected Officials and Polling Locations Tool, www.seventy.org. Click on "Find Your Elected Officials" in the left-hand column, and enter your complete address. You will be able to retrieve phone numbers, mailing addresses, and website information. The Committee of Seventy is a non-partisan watchdog group which provides a host of useful information on their website, including Political Boundary Maps and Citizen's Guide.

To learn about the position of candidates for Congress on the issues that are important to you, try www.voteeasy.org. Voteeasy.org is maintained by the non-profit, nonpartisan group, Vote-Smart.org.

Below, we have listed some federal, state and city government links you might find helpful.

This is the official website of the City of Philadelphia government. To speak with someone for more information you can call (215) 686-1776 or dial 3-1-1.

This is the official website of the Office of the Mayor of Philadelphia lists mayoral initiatives, staff, offices and press room.

This is the official website of the Philadelphia City Council. Along with information on legislation, you can find a list of each council member with mailing address, telephone and email contact information. Plus, you can search for your council person by address.

This is the official website for the Pennsylvania State Legislature. Look in the top right-hand corner for "Find Members by Zip Code or County" to find your representative.

This website of the Pennsylvania General Assembly Session Information provides access to bill tracking reports, a bill topic index and legislation enacted from 1971-72 to the present.

This is the official website of the Governor of Pennsylvania. Take a look at the governor's welcome message, initiatives, pressroom, speeches and contact information.

This is the official website for the President of the United States, Vice President and First Lady. You can view information from the west wing, presidential news, appointments and major speeches.

The official website for the U.S. Senate providing information on Senators, Senate Committees, legislation, voting records and Senate reference materials.

This is the official website for the U.S. House of Representatives. Use your zip code to find your Representatives.

This is the official website for the U.S. Government and it provides a wealth of practical resources for citizens, businesses and federal employees.

Govtrack is a political watchdog group. They are an independent and non-partisan. This was the first website worldwide whose primary goal was to provide comprehensive legislative tracking for everyday citizens.


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